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Salem inmate records are documents that contain an inmate’s criminal history. Law enforcement agencies and courts maintain these records and are available to the public. Inmate records can be used to learn more about a person’s criminal history and can be used as well in court proceedings.

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Salem Resources.

Salem Police Department (SPD Inmate Search)
555 Liberty St SE, Salem, OR 97301
Phone: (503) 588-6123

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor)
100 High St NE Salem, OR 97309
In Person Search – Yes

Marion County OR Correctional Facility
4000 Aumsville Hwy SE, Salem, OR 97317

Marion County OR Work Release Center
3950 Aumsville Hwy Southeast, Salem, OR 97317

Marion County Adult Parole and Probation
3867 Wolverine St NE, Bldg. F, Salem, OR 97305

Oregon State Correctional Institution (OSCI)
3405 Deer Park Dr SE, Salem, OR 97310-9385

Santiam Correctional Institution (SCI)
4005 Aumsville Hwy SE, Salem, OR 97317

Oregon State Penitentiary (OSP)
2605 State St, Salem, OR 97310-0505

Mill Creek Correctional Facility (MCCF)
5465 Turner Rd SE, Salem, OR 97317

Oregon Department of Corrections – (OR DOC)
2575 Center St Northeast, Salem, OR 97301

Salem Inmate Search Online

There are several options to perform a Salem inmate search online. The easiest way is to visit the state Department of Corrections’ website and use their search tool. Another option is to search for inmates by names on search engines like Google or other sites that also collect data from inmates in multiple states.

Oregon State Prison VS Salem Jail

Most people generally understand what goes on in state prisons and county jails, but there are quite a few differences between the two. State prisons are typically much more extensive than county jails, housing both inmates awaiting trial who have been convicted of a crime. On the other hand, county jails primarily house awaiting inmates. In terms of security, state prisons are typically much more heavily guarded than county jails, as they house more dangerous criminals. State prisons also offer more amenities, such as libraries, recreational facilities, and vocational programs, while jails do not.

Oregon Prison Inmate Search

You can search the Federal Bureau of Prisons site, which contains a database of all federal prisoners. You can also search the state and county websites for information on prisoners under their jurisdiction. You can contact the prison directly for details.

Salem Jail Inmate Search

You can contact the county’s sheriff’s department or county clerk to locate an inmate. You can also find information about inmates on websites specializing in this search.

Salem Mugshots

Salem mugshots can be used in various ways, including identifying those who have been arrested, tracking criminal behavior, and monitoring the activities of known or suspected criminals. Police can use mugshots in crime investigations and for reporting on illegal activity by the media. Employers can also use it to screen prospective job candidates, and landlords to screen tenants.

Salem Jail Log

Jail logs are public records that document the booking and release of inmates at local Salem jails. These records are typically maintained by the sheriff’s office or department of corrections, and the public can access them through online databases or in person at the jail itself. Jail logs can be a valuable resource for journalists, researchers, and others who need to track the comings and goings of inmates in the justice system.

Salem Jail Roster

A Salem jail roster consists of a list of individuals currently in jail. This information can include their name, crime, and other important details.

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