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Performing a Jackson County criminal records search is vital as it clarifies an individual’s criminal history. Such details are essential when making decisions about people or other significant matters.

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Jackson County OR Local Crime Record Systems

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor)
100 S Oakdale Ave Medford, OR 97501
Web Search
In Person Search – Yes

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO)
5179 Crater Lake Hwy, Central Point, OR 97502
Phone: (541) 774-6800
Current Inmates
Police Reports
Criminal Records
Sex Offender Registry

Medford Police Department
219 S Ivy St, Medford, OR 97501
Phone: (541) 774-2250
Records Division

Jackson County Court Records

Court databases are important for accessing Jackson County criminal records, serving those wishing to check someone’s history or the intricacies of the criminal justice system.
To efficiently use these databases, it’s important to understand their structure and prospective pitfalls. When searching for criminal records within a court database, first recognizing the case’s jurisdiction is essential. Each state/county has its own court system; for that reason, identifying the right one is vital.

Jackson County Police Records

Police records can be obtained for a Jackson County criminal history check as well. The mode of acquisition may vary based on the specific information you need. Directly contacting the involved sheriff/police department is the most reliable method to gather comprehensive information about an arrest, as they hold the record.

Arrest Info

Contrary to popular belief, obtaining criminal information from an arrest record isn’t excessively challenging. With the right approach, these records are accessible. The local Jackson County sheriff, which maintains arrest records for anybody captured within their jurisdiction, should be your main source. If you need an arrest record from another jurisdiction, contact the relevant department in that area.

Inmate Info

In the U.S., inmate records are public. They can be requested from the authorities for various reasons, including researching family history or locating incarcerated loved ones or friends. These records in Jackson County OR typically include the inmate’s name, offense date, sentence duration, present facility, and age. Sometimes, they might also have a mugshot.

Examples of Criminal Records:


A Jackson County infraction, a minor legal offense, usually results in a fine or another minor charge. The court system typically resolves infractions summarily, bypassing a jury trial.
Common infractions include speeding, ignoring stop signs, or public intoxication. Despite their “minor” label, infractions can have effects. For example, a speeding ticket could lead to a fine, points on a driving record, escalated insurance premiums, and even license revocation if a person has too many.


The punishment for misdemeanors can differ based on their gravity. A Jackson County misdemeanor in one place might correspond to a felony elsewhere, warranting harsher penalties. The presence of previous criminal records or a helpless victim may also enhance a misdemeanor’s seriousness.

Jackson County Felony Records

While Jackson County felony records are generally accessible to the public, there are exceptions, like juvenile records. Laws also permit the sealing or expunging records, rendering them unattainable to the general public. To gain access to another person’s felony record, one needs to navigate the court system.

Jackson County Sexual Offender Reports

To identify Jackson County sex offenders in your neighborhood, you can check with your local sheriff’s or police department for a local list or an online database. State police likewise provide online access to their sex offender registries statewide. Additionally, the National Sex Offender Registry supplies information on sex offenders nationwide.

Jackson County Dui and Dwi Reports

Jackson County DUI records are important for numerous reasons. Law enforcement utilizes them to identify repeat offenders. People may screen others using DUI records, and insurance companies may reference them when setting rates.

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