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Many people are unaware of the advantages of accessing public Deschutes County criminal records. By understanding these advantages, you’ll be able to screen out certain risks in your life.
For example, you can use public criminal records to determine if somebody has violent or sex-related criminal convictions – crucial information if you’re considering a relationship with someone.
Before settling on a babysitter, inspecting their criminal past for theft or other more serious can be important.

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Deschutes County OR Local Crime Record Systems

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor)
1100 NW Bond Bend, OR 97701
Web Search
In Person Search – Yes

Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO)
63333 US-20, Bend, OR 97703
Phone: (541) 388-6655
Current Inmate List
Records Division
Sex Offender Registry

Bend Police Department
555 NE 15th St, Bend, OR 97701
Phone: (541) 322-2960
Public Report Copy and Background Check Request
Records Request

Deschutes County Court Records

Once an individual is charged with a Deschutes County criminal offense, their case is registered in the court system. This information is available to anybody who knows where to look, with local county courthouses being prime sources of his information.

Deschutes County Police Records

It’s essential to distinguish between criminal and Deschutes County police records. The government maintains criminal records to keep track of criminals, whereas law enforcement agencies hold police records documenting their public interactions.
Police records can incorporate occurrence reports, arrest reports, and 911 calls, while criminal records include convictions.

Arrest Info

To access public arrest records, check with the relevant government agency in that particular jurisdiction. While some records can be accessed online, others require a direct go-to or email request.

Inmate Info

When checking Deschutes County inmate records, note that they’re public, meaning they’re accessible to anyone. For the most accurate and current details, check local jails and state DOCs.

Examples of Criminal Records:


Infractions are insignificant violations in Deschutes County OR, normally leading to fines or other penalties. Some of the most common infarctions are speeding tickets.


While both misdemeanors and felonies categorize as criminal offenses, they differ in severity and handling. Deschutes County misdemeanors are less serious than felonies and are frequently adjudicated in lower courts, while felonies are attempted in higher ones. Misdemeanors generally carry shorter jail terms, whereas felonies can be as much as a lifetime.

Deschutes County Felony Records

Felonies in Deschutes County OR, representing the gravest class of criminal activities, can result in penalties varying from extended prison/jail terms to life. Due to their level, felonies are especially checked for when doing a criminal history check.
A crime committed over seven years ago might have as much weight depending on what it is, and some states have expungement laws, enabling certain felonies to be removed from records.

Deschutes County Sexual Offender Reports

A public sex offender registry helps to notify the Deschutes County community about sex offenders residing, working, or studying close by.

Deschutes County Dui and Dwi Reports

A Deschutes County DUI arrest will appear on background checks, possibly affecting certain opportunities. In most jurisdictions, a DUI will be categorized as a misdemeanor.

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