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A warrant in Clackamas County OR is a legal order issued by a court that allows police to search for evidence or arrest someone.
Warrants must be issued based on “probable cause,” which means there must be some proof that the object being searched or the person being detained is likely engaged in unlawful conduct.

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Clackamas County Warrant Search Resources.

Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO Warrant Search)
9101 SE Sunnybrook Blvd, Clackamas, OR 97015
Phone: (503) 655-8211
Warrants Hotline (503) 785-5210
Online Warrant Check

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor)
503-655-8447 x5
807 Main St Oregon City, OR 97045
In Person Search – Yes

Portland Police Bureau
1111 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97204
Phone: (503) 823-3333

Lake Oswego Police Department
380 A Ave, Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Phone: (503) 635-0238

Oregon City Police Department
1234 Linn Ave, Oregon City, OR 97045
Phone: (503) 905-3501

Tualatin Police Department
8650 SW Tualatin Rd, Tualatin, OR 97062
Phone: (503) 691-4800

West Linn Police Department
1800 8th Ave, West Linn, OR 97068
Phone: (503) 655-6214

Warrants In Clackamas County Online Access

There are several ways to do a Clackamas County warrant  search online. One method is to employ a commercial public records database that collects records throughout the country. These databases allow you to search for criminal records and warrants by name practically instantaneously.
You can also visit the county or local website where the warrant was issued. Many counties and localities now allow you to look for warrants online. Simply enter the name of the person you’re looking for, and the system will display records.
If you can’t uncover what you’re looking for, try hiring a private investigator or speaking with a bail bondsman.

Public Access To Court Records

If you need to locate a warrant, you can use Clackamas County court databases. You will need the case number or the person’s name to perform this type of search.

Arrest Warrants List for Clackamas County Sheriff

If needed, get warrant records from the sheriff’s/police department in Clackamas County OR.
Check their website to see if they provide a list of warrants online first; if not, you’ll need to make a request online or by phone.

Clackamas County Bench Warrants

When someone fails to appear in court at a scheduled time, a judge can issue a Clackamas County bench warrant for their arrest.
This implies that the individual identified on the warrant can get pulled over, arrested, and transported to jail.

Clackamas County Arrest Warrants

As long as the police have probable cause, obtaining a warrant to arrest someone is a rather direct process.
Before Clackamas County police may utilize the warrant, it must be signed by a court.

Fugitive Arrest Warrant

A fugitive warrant is issued by the jurisdiction where the offense transpired. These warrants are issued when a suspect flees the area of a crime and requires the assistance of another law enforcement agency to apprehend and bring the suspect back.

Search Warrant

When the Clackamas County police need to gather evidence for a case, a judge grants a search warrant.

Clackamas County Warrant Searches for Free

There are a few free resources for finding active warrants in the United States.
One option to find active Clackamas County warrants is to contact the court clerk in the county where the warrant was issued.
You may also contact regional police and request a warrant list or database access.

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